Dear Students,

After a cyber-attack on various IT systems of the TU Berlin on the morning of April 30, 2021, the servers of the centrally managed Windows environment were shut down as a precaution for security reasons. Services such as WLAN, sending/receiving e-mails, the use of tubCloud, the TU portal (tuPort), and the VPN client or SAP applications are currently not available to members of the university.

The TU Berlin is working to solve the problem and has convened an IT emergency team under the direction of the TU President. The university also has involved external IT security experts. The TU Berlin is in contact with the relevant federal and state authorities and has reported the matter

An assessment of the effort and duration of the current and other restrictions is currently not possible.

Please resend all emails to that you have sent to the following email addresses since April 30, 2021:,,,,,

All the email addresses associated with the ending extension and are unfortunately not working and sent emails will not be forwarded.

Please use the following format to contact anyone by email.
last name = The last name of the responsible person you would like to contact.

All emails sent to will be forwarded to

For more updated information please visit TU Berlin’s website

Team of Master Programs at TU-Campus EUREF of “Technische Universität Berlin”